I was given my first camera at 16 years old and have been taking photos ever since.
Whether I am doing straight documentation or collaborating with a model in an
 environment there is a curiosity in how the process of photography will interpret 
and inform my intent. 
Sometimes a print needs to be exiled to a box for twenty years before I can even begin
to understand the importance of all that surrounded that captured moment. 
Like a dream recorded in a journal from days long past now discovered with wiser eyes
 truth is patient with time and will re-define the interpretation of its passage.

Art  Center College of Design
College of Santa Fe with David Scheinbaum
General Contractor in California, New Mexico and Hawaii

Selected Publications
The Sun Magazine
The Golden Road magazine
Relix magazine
Rough Framing Construction by Mark Currie
Grateful Dead The Illustrated Trip
Grateful Dead Scrapbook
Weir Here CD jacket

The concert work was all done from the audience. I had a photo pass for 3/13/85,
the rest were without. Most of it was shot using a Pentax MX with a 70-210mm lens.
I had limited access to a Hasselblad. In the early 90's I purchased a Pentax 67 with
a 200mm lens. The Allman Brothers set was captured with a Hasselblad using a 400mm
lens I rented. 
The landscape work is with the Pentax 67 and a Nikon N90.
The color lava and the water work is captured digitally with a Nikon D200.


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